26 September 2020, Saturday, 23:11
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"Blood-Based Systems Have Never Been Durable in History"

"Blood-Based Systems Have Never Been Durable in History"

The bishop of Viciebsk appealed in connection with the protests.

Bishop of Viciebsk Aleh Butkevich made an appeal in connection with the mass protests in Belarus after the presidential elections on August 9, tut.by writes.

The head of the Catholic diocese notes that in this election there was "not quite a correct vote count":

"Our country is going through not the easiest time in its history. The elections caused a crisis in our society, which resulted in the tension of the election campaign and, as a matter of fact, not quite a correct vote count. However, every crisis next to the soreness of its process always hides a positive potential for change for the better. How to reveal it? Probably not on the path of violence and hatred. Blood-based systems have never been durable in history, and Justice has always returned the perfect to those who have transgressed all human (not to mention God's!) Norms."

The bishop believes that, in this situation, "we must look for the truth":

"Therefore, there is only one way out - we must look for the truth! It's important to be certain that I'm defending the truth, not the deception. And you need to know that the truth will probably not be where there is violence. You need to talk and have a good will to hear each other! If we want to build a civilized country, then let our means of resolving conflicts be civilized. May God help us in this, for He knows that good is always stronger than evil. It is necessary for each of us to remember this today. "

Aleh Butkevich calls on everyone to common sense, and also asks believers to pray for Belarus:

"It is clear that we do not live in an ideal world. And no one lives in it, but you can always give a chance to prudence and common sense. Always! Today I call on everyone who lives in Belarus to be prudent. As you know, emotions have never been a good advisor to anyone, but it can collect many victims. This should not be allowed in any case! Therefore, I extend a fervent request to all believers, especially Catholics, to pray for our country. "