22 October 2020, Thursday, 12:25
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Honored Artist Of Russia About Belarusian Protests: Unbelievable People Of Strong Country!

Honored Artist Of Russia About Belarusian Protests: Unbelievable People Of Strong Country!

Danila Kozlovsky has supported the Belarusian protesters.

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, winner of national awards "Golden Eagle", "Nika" and "Golden Mask" Danila Kozlovsky supported the Belarusian protesters. The artist's words are quoted on Facebook by Ihar Čjeriak:

"Technically, I am from another country, whose policy I was interested in episodically. Firstly, I am not a political expert and do not understand much about it; secondly, it seems none of your business to comment on the political life of another country. Would be nice to sort out your own. Even now I am not going to comment on the past elections, although I agree with the idea that if 80 percent support the current ruler, as a rule, there is a holiday in the streets, a public festivity, and the winner boldly goes out to the people, shakes hands, etc. But what is happening now in Belarus strikes dumb people, even those who are very far from politics. When people are beaten with batons, light-noise grenades are used in the streets of cities, knock down people with trucks, shoot at the balconies of residential buildings, maim children, it is no longer a question of political convictions, nor is it a question of an individual president or opposition leader.

I am convinced that no political system, including democracy, has such "great meaning" as to justify blood and violence. When the incumbent ruler calls his people "sheep", those who have taken to the streets to express PEACEFULLY their attitude towards the past elections, and in response, slips the WELL ORGANIZED RIOT POLICE and a dozen other law enforcement agencies, at this second, the policy as such ceases to exist. The point of no return is being passed. There is a bloody terror in the streets of the beautiful country, whose task is to frighten, shut up, and shock. In the end - to destroy any dissent. Break it.

But what do we see in Belarus? PEOPLE, who are not afraid to take to the streets crowded with RIOT POLICE and KGB, oppose the might of the state machine with its punitive bodies. Women who are standing, holding hands, in an endless human chain with flowers, in protest against the violence of the law enforcement agencies. Workers who are not afraid to stop the production of the workshops, risking to lose their jobs, but who are standing up and expressing their attitude towards what is happening.

Nurses and doctors who are simply rushing there with bandages, where the blood is being spilled, to stop it, and they do not care which side of the barricades you are on. Incredible people of this small but such a strong country! PEACEFUL, KIND PEOPLE! Belarus, you are amazing! Would to God that all this would come to an end as soon as possible. Would to God that the blood is not spilled anymore!