26 October 2020, Monday, 1:58
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Six-Year-Old Son of "European Belarus" Activists Was Taken to an Orphanage in Minsk

Six-Year-Old Son of "European Belarus" Activists Was Taken to an Orphanage in Minsk

The family needs help and solidarity.

The famous Belarusian journalist Iryna Khalip reported this on Facebook:

"Friends and colleagues, SOS!

Punishers do not disdain even first graders. The son of the activists of the "European Belarus" Alena Lazarchyk and Siarhej Mackojtia, six-year-old Arciom, has been in an orphanage in the Frunzenski district since yesterday evening.

Yesterday, September 17, Alena Lazarchyk was detained at about 4 pm, when she left the Viasna human rights center's office. Alena was not accused of anything, and no protocols were drawn up. They just kept her at the police station until 11 pm. Perhaps, they have been reading her passport and thinking a lot.

And when Alena was released, it turned out that the teachers of secondary school No. 126, where Arciom studied in the first "B" grade (the class teacher Maryna Ivanauna Karmalkova, school director Tamara Mikalajeuvna Laurukhina), after the mother did not take the child from the after school group, called the guardianship authorities, and six-year-old Arciom was taken to an orphanage in the Frunzensky district.

Neither father nor adult sister Maryna (she is 23 years old), nor Arciom's grandmother received a call from the school, although all their contacts are in the child's personal file, and the class teacher has it.

Today, September 18, the guardianship authorities' representatives came to Alena to check Arciom's living conditions. They liked everything and wrote a spirit-lifting report, but Lena was not given a copy. At the school, where she came to find out how this could have happened, she was told, "this is not our business, deal with the guardianship yourself authorities."

The district education department said: well, what are the problems, your conditions are wonderful; go to the orphanage and take the child. And the director of the orphanage said that since Alena did not have any papers from the state allowing her to take the child, they would not give the child back. When asked to at least let her see the boy - to calm him down and make sure that he is safe and well, the director refused, referring to the coronavirus.

And now the weekend has come, and all civil servants - guardianship, executive committees, schools, education departments - who easily sent a six-year-old child to the orphanage - are closed.

Tomorrow Alena will go to the orphanage (the full name is the Social and Pedagogical Center with an orphanage in the Frunzenski District, located on Biruzova Street, 21) at noon. Maybe she will be a little late - she has work until noon. I really ask those who are not indifferent: please come to support her; they are afraid of solidarity like silver bullets.

I ask colleagues: please come; they are afraid of publicity. I appeal to the collective Facebook mind: tell us what Lena can do (she is not on Facebook). I ask everyone: let's help Arciom. He went to school in a year of change. Let him remember this year as the best in life, not the worst one."