28 October 2020, Wednesday, 15:18
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Catholic Priest: Fascists Must Be Driven Out - Period

Catholic Priest: Fascists Must Be Driven Out - Period
Viachaslau Barok

There is no sin in resisting lawlessness.

Catholic priest Viachaslau Barok told whether it would be a sin to resist the Nazis:

"You know, if a person even comes to confession and asks is it a sin if he did not obey the orders of people in uniform, I will definitely say that no.

I also cannot say that it was a sin when the laity, so to speak, drove the security forces a little. On one condition, that in the heart of a repentant person there was no hatred specifically towards those policemen whom he drove ... After all, the "fascists" must be driven out. And the point.

And the sin really is not when we drive the fascists. The sin is when we submit to lawlessness and agree with the presence of evil," said the priest.