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32nd day of the Belarusian Revolution (Online)

32nd day of the Belarusian Revolution (Online)
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Student protests, workers' strikes, national flags over cities.

One month ago, presidential elections were held in Belarus and the people defeated the dictator. For one month, Belarusians took to the streets and held protests demanding Lukashenka's resignation and the release of national leaders.

Today, on the 32nd day of the Belarusian Revolution, independent telegram channels urged Belarusians to continue to put pressure on the authorities and to hit its painful points.

Charter97.org provides online broadcasting of protest events in our country.

15:51 BSU law students sang "Hraj" as a sign of Solidarity.

15:49 Residents of the "Square of Changes" defended a mural with DJs. Police and the "quiet men" today painted over a mural with DJs on the "Change Square" on Chervyakova Street in Minsk. The wall was painted over with black paint. Residents of the famous courtyard restored the mural.

15:33 MSLU students built a protest corridor near the entrance to the main building.

15:30 BSEU students express their solidarity with the detained 4th-year student Anastasia.

15:26 Action of solidarity among students of journalism faculty of BSU and FFSN. People are chanting: "Long live Belarus!"

15:25 And so the famous song of Lyavon Volsky was performed by students of Hrodna State University.

15:24 The protest action is also taking place at the journalism faculty of the Belarusian State University.

15:23 This is how the chain of solidarity looks like on Kalvaryjskaja in Minsk.

15:13 And so the BNTU, BSEU, and the Institute of Business of the BSU are protesting.

15:05 This is what the action of solidarity looks like at BSEU. Participants hold posters and flags and chant: "One for all and all for one."

14:54 High school students from gymnasium No. 6 came out in support of students and their friends who were detained at the latest protests. The students are going to do this daily.

14:45 Mass action of solidarity is taking place near the Maladzezhnaja metro station in Minsk.

14:42 Minsk. It is not the first day that a chain of solidarity has been made at the intersection of Kharuzhei and Navavilenskaja streets.

14:40 Local residents chase away the police and the "quiet men" from the Square of Changes in Minsk.

14:17 Faculty of Finance and Banking of BSEU. There is someone to raise the economy after the departure of Sasha The Cockroach.

14:11 Such an atmosphere is now in the chain of solidarity at the Mikhalova metro station. Flags are waving, a song by the band "Lyapis Trubetskoy" is playing in the background.

14:05 MSLU students thank teachers for their support in the struggle for change.

14:02 BSTU students went out into the street and sang "Three Turtles."

13:54 The action is carried out by future diplomats from the BSU FMO.

13:53 On Alsheuskaha Street, people also joined the daily protests and took part in the Stolen Voice Action.

13:51 People formed a chain of solidarity near the Mikhalova metro station.

13:47 MSLU students also do not give up and continue their daily actions.

13:45 The chain of solidarity stands in Minsk along Dziarzhynski Avenue near the Titan. "Every day we go out at lunchtime," readers write.

13:37 Students protest across the country. The video shows the actions of students of MSLU, BSU, and BGUKI. Some have a silent protest, and some sing songs.

13:29 Students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics and BSU Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science sing the song "Hraj."

13:27 Minsk. In the courtyard on Yankouskaha Street, residents hung white and red silk ribbons. Even on the trees.

13:24 The chain of solidarity on Cimirazeva Street in Minsk is growing.

13:19 White-red-white Minsk this afternoon.

13:18 At the Minsk coffee house "O'petit," which suffered from a raid by the security forces, there is a line of solidarity between Belarusians for the third day in a row.

13:17 BSUCI students are holding a silent protest.

13:15 Students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of BSU have started their campaign for changes.

13:01 The Faculty of Geography of BSU today also came in the colors of the national flag.

12:25 One of the houses on Yakub Kolas Street in Minsk looks like this today.

12:24 Students of the Institute of Parliamentarism and Entrepreneurship came out to the action of solidarity.

12:07 Solidarity actions have begun in Minsk. Residents of Cimirazeva Street were the first to form a human chain.

11:25 MSLU teachers recorded the appeal and supported the protesting students.

11:20 Brest makes us happy in the morning: the national flag is raised over the city.

11:03 This is a graffiti that appeared in the area of Navavilenskaja Street in Minsk.

11:02 House on Prytyckaha Street in Minsk right now.

10:35 Students' strikes and solidarity actions continue in Belarus since September 1. Today, in many universities of the country, students came to classes in the national flag colors. In the photo: students of MSLU, BSUIR, and BSEU.

10:33 Mozyr Oil Refinery workers responded to repressions by the authorities. Several more installations have been stopped at the key plant for the country's economy.

10:21 Minsk returned the national flags to their places. By the morning of September 9, national symbols had appeared over almost all districts of the capital.

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