8 March 2021, Monday, 18:35
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Belarusian Law-Enforcers Still ‘Leaking’

Belarusian Law-Enforcers Still ‘Leaking’

The cogs of the system are not sure about their future.

Lukashenka's power structures are still “leaking”. Karpenkou's leak clearly demonstrates what the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus have become. However, is this a surprise to anyone? Didn’t we know all this even without the “leak”?

It is another point that is much more important, in my opinion.

The authorities are still “leaking”, which means within the system they understand that the propaganda's admonitions that the crisis is over, the protest has faded away, and the situation in Belarus has returned to its usual course - this is just a fairy tale for naive people like Rene Fasel.

This is how it used to be before August 9, but it will no longer be so. This gives rise to the uncertainty of the cogs and components of the system about their future.

Andrzej Poczobut, Facebook