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Putin and Lukashenka End up in the Dock

Putin and Lukashenka End up in the Dock
Leonid Nevzlin

It is hard to imagine what skeletons will fall out of the closet.

Dmitri Konovalov and Vlad Kovalev, executed for the attack in Minsk underground in 2011, were innocent. A former member of the Almaz anti-terrorist special unit of Belarus Igor Makar stated that on the air of Euroradio.

As a result of the underground explosion on 11 April 2011, fifteen people were killed and more than 400 injured. Lukashenka's henchmen were surprisingly quick to find the "perpetrators". People were soon convicted and shot just 3.5 months after the verdict. Although, they had no grounds for committing a terrorist attack.

Lukashenka was the only one who benefited from the terrorist attack. The motive? To frighten the people; he was very much afraid of unrest. The bombing happened just a few months after the December protests (The Square). At that time, the Belarusian ruble exchange rate collapsed a third as many, and economic unrest could add to a political one.

Lukashenka is undoubtedly a paranoid thug. Throughout his reign, he has used criminal methods - explosions, murders, executions - against his people, opponents. He must be removed and convicted. Moreover, he is becoming increasingly dangerous to people.

I cannot but draw an analogy with Russia - the story of the terrorist attacks in residential buildings. Putin's rise to power began with the explosion of houses in 1999. I could never imagine that the FSB would do something like that. I never supported the version that the FSB blew up the houses. I just didn't think it could happen. Now, however, we observe the poisoning of Navalny and the evidence that the FSB committed the assassination attempt.

We know much of Putin's and the FSB's criminal record. I believe that the FSB blew up houses in Russia. The story of the hexogen found in the basement of a residential building in Ryazan - Patrushev declared it sugar - completely exposes their methods. "The framework of a bureaucratic (including punitive) system can easily become the framework of a mafia one. After all, it's only the matter of the goals to reach," Yegor Gaidar, the genius visionary, wrote.

It is hard to imagine what skeletons will fall out of the closet when Putin and Lukashenka end up in the dock. The question is: what should we do with such power as Putin and Lukashenka if they, who are supposed to guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens, act like a mafia with the power of the state? One should decide it. As long as Russian citizens tolerate all of Putin's crimes and ignore the price of everyone's life, whether one is an opposition member or not, we will have no future".

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