20 October 2021, Wednesday, 23:42
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“It’s Time to Hit Lukashenka With a Fist”: A Powerful Message From a Belarusian Miner

“It’s Time to Hit Lukashenka With a Fist”: A Powerful Message From a Belarusian Miner

The strike movement veteran shared his experience of struggle and victory.

The editorial office of the Belarusian Workers' Association (BOR) telegram channel was approached by a person who knows firsthand how to fight for his rights. Who himself participated in the miners' strike in 1991.

“He asked us to convey his words to the others. We ask you to spread this appeal further. The words of the free people should sound as loud as possible,” writes the Telegram channel, which published the miner's appeal:

- Gentlemen miners!

There is almost no one left in the mines of those who were beating out their privileges in blood and sweat in '91. Many people know this, some have heard, but have not seen it in action.

You have already lost a lot of things, and if they'll take a few more points away from you, you will become vagabonds.

I am sure that 97% are against Lukashenka, but today your inaction suggests that you support him. They tell you today that you will stand until December, and then - who knows what will happen. Many have loans, and I know that for sure.

If you hit Halavaty's table with your fist today, or better the head of Lukashenka, contracts are possible tomorrow.

Why is this appeal specifically to you? I am a miner and have worked in the mine for 30 years, and went to Minsk on foot, to the railway station, and sat on the railroad, blocking the shipment.

You will say that the times were different before?

Yes, I agree, but no one will do it for you. Do you want to sit back? No, you can't. And the principle of "my house on the edge" will not work. Because the one on the edge burns first.

Therefore, it's time to pull yourself together and decide once and for all: who you want to remain in history, who you want to be for your family.