4 December 2021, Saturday, 2:14
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Germany Offers To Expand Sanctions Against Lukashenka Regime Due To Migrants

Germany Offers To Expand Sanctions Against Lukashenka Regime Due To Migrants

The new package should be adopted in November.

The German government has proposed to the EU to expand sanctions against Minsk in order to prevent the transport of illegal migrants from coming to the European Union. As reported by TASS, this was said on Friday at a briefing by the representative of the German Foreign Ministry Andrea Sasse.

- As for the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, we are in close contact with EU institutions and EU members, and we are constantly studying how we can use the tools we have, including sanctions, to achieve a change in actions on the part of Minsk, she said. ...

Sasse also said that “the German government has proposed expanding the EU sanctions regime against Belarus in order to purposefully counteract the smuggling of people and the political use of migrants,” as, in her words, the sanctions “do have an impact”.

The German Foreign Ministry representative also said that the Iraqi authorities suspended direct flights to Minsk after warning about the consequences of facilitating the transportation of illegal migrants.

- The actions of Belarus are directed not only against individual states - Poland or Lithuania - but against the entire EU. We, of course, speak with the countries of origin and transit of migrants to make it clear that assistance in smuggling is unacceptable, and that the EU will not leave it without consequences, said Sasse.

According to the Federal Police of the Federal Republic of Germany, since the beginning of August, more than 4.3 thousand illegal migrants have arrived in Germany through Belarus.

About new sanctions

A new package of EU sanctions against Belarus is expected to be approved within the next month.

“We are working on the next package of sanctions against Belarus, it will be approved during November,” the European diplomat told reporters.

He noted that the situation in our country will be considered on Monday at a scheduled meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU countries in Luxembourg, primarily in the context of the EU's opposition to the penetration of migrants into Lithuania and Poland through the territory of Belarus.

Important to note, this will be the fifth package of sanctions. In total, 166 people and 15 organizations were hit by four packages of sanctions over the past year.

Separately, Brussels introduced sectoral sanctions that affected the potash and tobacco industries, oil refining and the banking sector. Together with the US and UK sanctions, according to experts, they will have a serious impact on the part of the economy that forms the major share of export earnings. However, the impact of sectoral restrictions will be postponed, since they will take effect after the expiration of the current contracts of Western companies with counterparties from Belarus.

The USA, Great Britain and Canada introduced the last sanctions package on the anniversary of the presidential elections in Belarus.