17 January 2022, Monday, 9:24
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Nadzeya Astapchuk Harshly Responds To Blabbering Of Sports Minister

Nadzeya Astapchuk Harshly Responds To Blabbering Of Sports Minister

In fact, we won all the medals not thanks to, but in spite of.

Free athlete, Belarusian shot putter, bronze medalist of the 2008 Olympic Games Nadzeya Astapchuk powerfully commented on the statement of Siarhei Kavalchuk in one of his interviews on state TV:

- This is not a paradox, Mr. Kavalchuk, this is the result of the short-sighted personnel policy that is being pursued in our country. After all, the main thing is not professionalism, but loyalty, which comes first when choosing candidates. You put people there who simply hold a position, are afraid to even move and take some kind of responsible decision, otherwise you can fall out of favor and lose a warm place. So they nod their heads at meetings, but “control” instead of the development of the sport. Therefore, no matter what conditions are created for such people, there will always be a failure. Conversely, in some small schools, leaders understand that it is better to ask less, there will be more freedom and choice in making decisions. There is no pressure, no unnecessary “ideological husk” and there is the main thing - people and the desire to achieve results.

In fact, all the medals we won are not thanks to, but in spite of. The whole system is set up in this way. Let me give you an example of a car that is constantly restricted and at the same time demanded to win the race. This does not happen, there is no freedom - there is no development. No development - no result, - the Telegram-channel Sports Solidarity Fund / BSSF quotes her.