8 December 2021, Wednesday, 10:34
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Full Downshifting to Vodka, Tractor, and Hockey

Full Downshifting to Vodka, Tractor, and Hockey

Within the junta, there is less and less understanding of what to do.

The chief "virologist" did not understand anything. The junta tried to bring out the trend of fighting the covid, which kills whole families, the Nick and Mike telegram channel writes.

The mask regime, the appearance of Pinevich in a mask on the state TV, checking compliance with the mask regime, bonuses for vaccination - the system clearly understood what they faced and tried to carefully abandon the "progressive" method of treatment from the junta ("it will go away by itself") and go to European methods.

However, yesterday there was a meeting at the chief "virologist" - and all this work was in vain. Full downshifting to vodka, tractor, and hockey.

First, almost everyone is again without masks. Secondly, utter nonsense was pouring from the hole in the virologist's head. About the fact that vaccination is optional, and about coronavirus fakes, and that planned treatment needs to be resumed. "Viruslogist" only forgot to say that who will do it. Because there are no doctors at all.

Kubrakou was reprimanded for the raids with checking the mask regime (by the way, there were no complaints about them yesterday). Obviously, Kubrakou did not make the decision on such raids on his own, the decision was clearly agreed upon. And such a public flogging only means that the system has less and less understanding of what to do.

Kubrakou may be ready to serve further but does not understand what to do to remain his beloved wife. This is another confirmation of Nick's thesis that the vertical is no longer vertical. There is no understanding, no goal, no ideology. There is nothing but the desire to hold on to power with blackened fingers.

Kachanava, who tried to organize control over those who come to the blue-fingered one, was humiliated. We don't feel sorry for her, but bravado and feigned courage (one can afford it being vaccinated up and down) in the Kremlin can be considered as another prick in the direction of the Sochi bunker.

Pinevich and regional chiefs were berated. In general, the narrative is clear - everyone is to blame, except for the chief virologist. But in fact, with this meeting, he once again refuted all Massandra's statements and thoughts from the films about turning the page - the blue-fingered one never dealt with any treatment of covid. And he won't now.

The "virologist" has obviously gone haywire. He never realized that the decline of his career began with covid. Itwhen cities are running out of coffins. was then that he finally lost the trust of the Belarusians. And now this crack is only getting bigger. Instead of going out and repenting for tens of thousands of excess deaths, he still tries to act as a "terminator." At a time when there are no places in hospitals, when doctors have to choose who to give oxygen to, and when cities are running out of coffins.

There is only one recipe. Wear a mask and get vaccinated if you are against Lukashenka. Only this now can save you.