17 January 2022, Monday, 10:12
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Opinion: Lukashenka Personally Ordered To Insult Putin

Opinion: Lukashenka Personally Ordered To Insult Putin

It came out in a collective farm and heavy-handed manner.

Last night your humble narrator touched upon the "wave" which by morning concerned the whole Russian media community, writes the CYNIC telegram-channel. It was that speech by Pustavoi about a certain president who hides in a bunker and injects Botox to make his face look more handsome.

Well, this could be the end of the circus - the topic would obviously not have been remembered with such a fuss by tomorrow morning. Lukashenka could have been given the microphone again, and he would have talked for three coming days straight away, but by an order from above (the same order that gave rise to the "bunker"), an order to "apologize" followed.

For starters, I'd like to point out to Russian experts who read this: no matter what our propagandists say, the phrase has as much to do with Biden as it does with Macron or Clinton - there's absolutely no relation.

In the CIS, "hiding in a bunker" and "injecting Botox" refer to one single person - Putin.

Let's point out that the "disclosure and denial" came from several major propaganda mouthpieces at once, which means that the special task was given out centrally. Moreover, such unanimity undoubtedly means that the attempt to purge was invented together, so they were several dozen hours late with the "explanation".

It follows that the initial barb ordered from "above" should have been more subtle and less noticeable, but it came out as usual - in a collective farm and heavy-handed manner. That was a personal insult to Putin.

The centralized response from all the "mouthpieces" underlines the obvious fact that the direct technical task was originally given in a fit of hysteria after the poll was published.

Azaronak gave the most successful "explanation".

1942. There is a meeting of the State Defense Committee in the Kremlin. An irritated Zhukov comes out of the meeting room:

- Oooh, a moustachioed asshole!!!

Poskrebyshev reports this fact to Stalin.

Stalin summons Zhukov.

- Comrade Zhukov, who did you mean?

- Hitler, of course, Comrade Stalin.

- And you, Comrade Poskrebyshev, who did you mean?

It turns out to be a killer ammunition. All the more the only "moustachioed asshole" in the CIS at the moment can be called only one person in the audience watching the "speeches" of "the hero who saved his voice in an unequal struggle with the special services".

Moreover, this anecdote is mocking. On the contrary, it emphasizes that the "mustachioed asshole" is Stalin and the "nod at Hitler" is a ruse. Ring any bells? Now there is a mirror situation, but in the direction of Biden, so journalists repeatedly emphasized that the conditional "mustachioed asshole", namely the resident of the bunker with Botox, is Vladimir Putin himself. It's genius.

This centralized propaganda machine, nurtured by RT, bit the hand of its breadwinner and spat venom all over him.

The first "exposé" was about "Aesop's language." Allegedly, Pustavoi was so poetically alluding to Biden. No one says "Aesop's language" because the expression is consonant in Russian with "language and ass" - the mustachioed one, by which the fact of addressing Putin was emphasized.

It is said "the language of Aesop" when what is meant is allegorical. Aesop is the creator of the first fables. If the stream of insults is a fable, then the nickname "heroic propagandist" is also "Aesop's language." I didn't know that...

Conclusion: Pustavoi, following an order from his hysterical boss, personally insulted Putin, and then, following an organized order from above, tried to "talk his way out of the situation", but by doing so he repeatedly implied that the address was sent to the bunker by registered mail.