4 December 2021, Saturday, 1:43
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Coronavirus the Belarusian Way: What Won’t Be Shown On BT

Coronavirus the Belarusian Way: What Won’t Be Shown On BT
Illustration Photo: DW

Shocking shots from the intensive care unit and the truth from the Vitsebsk doctor.

According to official data, about 2 thousand coronavirus infections are recorded in Belarus every day.

The resuscitation doctor of the Vitebsk emergency hospital Rastsislau Savitski told Radio Svaboda how much the official figures are similar to the truth and what is happening now in Belarusian hospitals.

“The data is certainly different: we can say that the difference is about 16 times. Officially, they talk about 16-17 deaths per day. But only in our hospital, I can say that about 10 people die per day,” Rastsislau Savitski says.

“The trend is towards rejuvenation. There are many patients under 40 years of age, and the mortality rate has increased significantly. There is not enough oxygen. During shifts, we have to use some strange reserves to give patients at least some oxygen,” a Vitsebsk physician tells the truth about the situation with the coronavirus.

The plot also uses shots from Ukrainian hospitals and intensive care units, since the administration did not allow the film crew to enter Belarusian hospitals.

“Covid has grown considerably younger. Unfortunately, younger people began to die. If before the risk of death was at the age of 65+, now they die at 28 and 36...

95% of our patients are unvaccinated people. Therefore, I urge everyone: get vaccinated, this is your salvation,” Ukrainian doctors say.