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Akela Didn't Just Miss His Kill

Akela Didn't Just Miss His Kill

How the regime fell into a pit.

Judging by the Friday performance, the group of tourists stuck at the border warehouse is already critically important for the Belarusian authorities. Because there are fewer migrants, and the costs of the migration crisis are growing.

And it turns out that with the migration crisis Akela did not just miss his kill. It was possible to say that Akela missed it a month ago. And now Akela has already missed right into the pit, from which you can get out only if you are very dirty.

Now, if they manage to push at least some of the tourists where they want, then this will give the Belarusian authorities a chance to save face. It will be possible to tell on TV that this was the goal. It’s not about making the EU give in and repent. Because it’s difficult to portray Poland's scornful offer to give money to send migrants home as a victory.

If they give a task to the TV, the guys there, of course, will try, but not even the witnesses of stability will believe it. Well, it’s all started not for the sake of paying for return tickets, really.

And Akela is now not in a position where he can afford public humiliating blunders. Apparently, he will have a difficult operation to transplant delicate powers into the All-Belarusian Assembly. And if the mistake turns out to be too noticeable, then the operation will have to be carried out without anesthesia, and the scalpel can tremble even in the steadiest hand.

So on Friday, the Belarusian authorities used the entire arsenal of verbal interventions that they had left. From plaintive pleas “please, at least somebody,” to threatening everyone with Afghan refugees with weapons.

But the threats did not work even when they were fresh and not greasy. Moreover, there are some logistical problems with the delivery of Afghan refugees to the European borders. And, as I understand myself, the next point of the program is to again rattle their own weapons at the European borders. True, it has never helped, but this is not the reason not to try again.

And somehow by itself it turns out that instead of getting out to the surface, the Belarusian authorities are only digging a hole even deeper. And soon, apparently, they will bury themselves so deeply that they will not be able to get out without outside help at all.

By the way. I have looked and read everyone here over the past few days and I must strictly tell you: you cannot judge a person because of the peculiarities of his tribune. This is politically incorrect. This is a discrimination over tribune basis.

Every person has their own tribune, and the features of somebody’s tribune are not a reason for ridicule. One of the tribunes has an armored car, and the other has pallets. Someone has a tribune in the European Parliament, while others have it in a warehouse. But all the tribunes are equal and all are important. And everyone has the right to the tribune that he can afford.

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