27 January 2022, Thursday, 1:54
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

An Epidemic of Fear Engulfed the Authorities.

An Epidemic of Fear Engulfed the Authorities.

The whole thing turns into a pathetic spectacle.

Every power has a purpose - to preserve its absolutism in the country's system of government. However, the more the power wants to survive in the present conditions, the more it shows its fear. Almost every day, we can hear such markers of fear as words and phrases like "security", "armament", "preservation of the country", "you want it to be like in...", "a special operation by Western intelligence services", "undermine stability", "nip in the bud", "turbulence" not to mention passages about extremism and terrorism.

Almost all political decisions by the authorities are driven by fear: all speeches relate to fear; all legislative decisions relate to fear, all actions are based on fear. Fear oozes from everywhere. One only needs to recognize it, as it is hidden behind the bravado of power and permissiveness.

The nature of Belarusian power fear is natural. It is rooted in the fear of biological death, fear of not being able to get a new job, fear for the future of children and the emergence of more competent competition, and as a consequence - in the fear of losing power. The point of no return is last year. The propensity for procrastination, natural for almost any person, and in our case political, started. It is the procrastination about the loss of power, the postponement of the process. It shows the desire to survive, both biologically and politically, which necessarily leads to the service of action and the impossibility to manoeuvre. It is dangerous to put off solving a problem in any case. It is even more dangerous to ignore it or to pretend that it does not exist.

When we watch a horror film, we experience a state of suspense - anxious anticipation. This anticipation concerns us the most. A floorboard creaks, a shrill, a book falling to the floor. But once a monster/action appears, we realise who/what it is, and the anxiety fades away. This has happened to Belarusians. All have seen the face of power in many aspects of interaction with it; all have witnessed pain, suffering; the public is not surprised by repressions and arrests; the people are in a permanent, but stable crisis. The "monster" is a bygone stage.

Meanwhile, the authorities have not yet reached that stage; the authorities are in a state of anxiety, suspense. They have not yet encountered their "monster" and, like a small child that has not been brought up, they are waving their fists left and right and keep their eyes closed, wiping away snot and tears in the eye of fear not yet fully explored.

It all turns into a pathetic sight as there is no "monster", at least in the form of the Belarusian people, whom the state is actively combating. A mature and intelligent man is not going to smash everything and everyone around him. He will talk to everyone, but, if necessary, from the position of force. In our case, we have a frightened collective adolescent, who runs to his big brother for help after the next kick of confrontation.

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