18 April 2021, Sunday, 4:44
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"Putin Put Lukashenka Down With Joke About Dictator's Meeting With Kyrgyz President"

"Putin Put Lukashenka Down With Joke About Dictator's Meeting With Kyrgyz President"

It's increasingly hinted at the usurper's expired "shelf life."

Lukashenka still has no clear plans concerning the fulfillment of his political and economic obligations - the insurance of credit money from Putin. It turns out that it is much easier to accuse the West of "undermining" political and social stability in both countries.

Based on leaked information, the Lusterka Ulady telegram channel reports that:

Lukashenka sought to steer the conversation to the economic plane in Sochi. To get Russia's preferences/approval for economic projects. And to ignore the political part of the obligations.

Putin set quite severe conditions regarding the settlement of political problems in Belarus. And eventually he asked Lukashenka direct questions about who will be his successor, and how he himself sees the development of the political situation. Russia insists on adopting a new Constitution, which means it will be able to manage the political processes in Belarus without Lukashenka, who is supposed to leave.

Rumor has it that during the meeting, Putin joked at Lukashenka's expense that his next meeting will be with Sadyr Zhaparov, president of Kyrgyzstan, thus hinting that Russia is ready to communicate with constructive political forces, which came to power during the revolutionary processes.

Russia has its own very specific proposals and solutions for Belarus, but these will be made public gradually, to create the effect of an organic resolution of the crisis (hence there are the rumors about the change of the Russian ambassador).