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Top Belarusian Kickboxer Skiba Urged Security Officials to Lower Their Shields and Lay down Their Arms

Top Belarusian Kickboxer Skiba Urged Security Officials to Lower Their Shields and Lay down Their Arms
Siarhei Skiba

Civilians and security officials have one enemy.

Nine-time world champion and multiple winner of the World Cup in kickboxing, winner of European championships, a former employee of OJSC Naftan Siarhei Skiba appealed to the security officials, Tribuna reports.

“We do not want war, and we are not extremists, as they drilled into your head. We are someone's children, someone's parents, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, your compatriots, and we are tired. Tired of violence, cruelty, humiliation, and endless repression. We are tired of being afraid. You are already called fascists and punishers. We do not want it to be like this, we want to see you as defenders of our people, heroes.

We understand that you are just as scared as we are. You are scared of being fired, scared of losing a stable income, losing your seniority. But you can still help your people and yourself, in the first place, simply by taking one step towards them. And to lower your weapons, lay down your shields as a platoon, company, battalion. I know that there is always excitement before entering the ring, but you need to take the first step, then it becomes easier.

There is an opinion that everything is decided in the capital. No! In my native Navapolatsk, everything will be solved faster and easier. In small towns, everyone knows each other regardless of profession, and we continue to live in these small towns.

You know very well the Naftan workers, I am one of them. Are we like extremists or enemies? Of course no. Civilians and security officials have one enemy who is struggling to stay in the chair at the cost of our blood and, therefore, provokes a civil war. It is easier for the siloviki in small towns to make a strong-willed decision - the usurper is far away, but the people are here. You will have to live with these people. How to live - depends only on you. Don't be scared once and live your whole life without a balaclava, with pride in your profession, with a clear conscience, or forever remain fascists and punishers in the eyes of Belarusians. Today, heroism is expressed in lowering the weapon. This is a worthy man's act. Just put down your shields, stop following criminal orders. One step - and you are all free.

All we want is just to get our votes stolen in the elections back. After all, we will not accept either falsification of elections, or violence, or the destruction of the law in the country. Our resistance is a burning peat bog. You are being tuned in to disperse riots, but you know very well that there will be no riots unless you start them. Give us all a chance to live in peace and be proud of you!" Skiba said.

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