23 April 2021, Friday, 18:18
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Analyst: Moral Degradation Going On At Huge Pace In Armed Forces Of Belarus

Analyst: Moral Degradation Going On At Huge Pace In Armed Forces Of Belarus

Many officers find it difficult to put up with the shame that the service to the dictator brings.

Viktoryja Vasilevich, an expert of the analytical center "Strategy", commented on the situation inside the Armed Forces of Belarus.

- It is clear that everything that is happening now in relations between Lukashenka and the Kremlin, whoever he meets there, is surrendering the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus under the guarantees of his own prospect of living in a palace, flying a helicopter and driving along the empty streets blocked by the police, - Viktoryja Vasilevich expressed her opinion, Solidarity reports.

She is sure that the Belarusian sovereignty suffers losses, and a significant role in this was played by the people who, on the contrary, should be the first to stand up to defend the country - the military men.

"Everything that Lukashenka is doing now, all his statements that Belarus is integrating with Russia, is only evidence that Belarusian sovereignty is suffering losses at absolutely all fronts, and soon nothing will remain.

... We have suffered a military seizure of the economy, the generals took up all key posts in the country. We are always told "Fatherland, Fatherland", from Brest to Vladivostok. This means that they are not talking about a sovereign Belarus. The officials who are obliged to ensure the sovereignty of our country speak of the protection of a certain state, which is not limited by the border of the Republic of Belarus. About protecting the interests of which state are they talking about?

The generals maintain the state, which they have concentrated in the perception of only one single person. The term "Fatherland from Brest to Vladivostok" is secondary.

I think their priority is to ensure the interests of a single person and their own interests, which are directly affiliated with the interests of this person. I do not see any interests of the Fatherland that at least some general or any person in uniform today would defend in our country, the analyst reflects.

She explains the behavior of military leaders by the army's distorted understanding of its own goals and objectives.

- I am sure that moral degradation in the Armed Forces of Belarus is now taking place at a huge pace. It is very hard for the people - real officers, real military men, those who, in their spirit, went to defend the Fatherland, but are forced to do what they are doing.

And that shameful sight with handshaking, initiated by the military commissar of the Homel region. It's a real disgrace! The number of officers who participated in this video, whom he shook hands with, is, generally speaking, a sentence to all the Armed Forces of the Homel region.

I think it was not an emotional manifestation, it is just a manifestation of understanding of the oath. And this is an oath of allegiance not to the Fatherland, but to one specific person. The state is associated with one single person, and we see a picture that very clearly illustrates this: the military commissar of the Homel region showed us this very beautifully, - said Viktoryja Vasilevich.