18 May 2021, Tuesday, 4:36
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On What's Going On At Plant Where Workers Shouted "Leave!" To Lukashenka

On What's Going On At Plant Where Workers Shouted "Leave!" To Lukashenka

The profit of the enterprise has sharply decreased.

MZKT was remembered by many people in August 2020: then Aliaksandr Lukashenka flew by a helicopter to meet with the workers, and the workers met him shouting "Leave!".

The tut.by portal has checked how the plant worked in 2020 and how the average number of employees at the plant has changed.

How the plant worked in 2020

The average number of employees at MZKT at the beginning of this year was 4234, according to the website of the company. This is by 307 people less than the year before.

In 2020, MZKT's revenue from product sales was almost 280.6 million rubles (in 2019 - almost 320.1 million). MZKT's profit from sales for 2020 was almost 24.1 million rubles (a year earlier - almost 42.5 million). The cumulative profit at the end of 2020 was almost 7.2 million rubles (a year earlier - almost 22.8 million).

Following the results of last year MZKT made the decision to pay dividends in the amount of 19,19 rubles per share (year before - 40,09 rubles).

According to MZKT employees, on April 22 the company may have a meeting with Natallia Kachanova, the chairman of Republic Council.

We remind of what was going on at MZKT

On Friday, August 15, 2020, MZKT workers came out for a rally of solidarity, General Director Aliaksei Rymasheuski among others spoke before them. He said that he voted for Lukashenka during the elections, but said, "I admit that he (Lukashenka. - Ed. note.) has not won the elections."

On August 17, 2020, Lukashenka met with MZKT workers. He flew to the enterprise by helicopter, talked to the workers in the workshops and came out to the people outside. He was met with shouts of "Leave!".

On August 19, a strike committee was organized at the plant, and workers were recording appeals to the authorities and law enforcement officers. In October, some workers joined the strike; the case ended with layoffs, which the workers challenged in court.

In December 2020, MZKT came under EU sanctions.