20 April 2021, Tuesday, 6:55
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The Verdict for the Ruble and Trust in It

The Verdict for the Ruble and Trust in It

Great news comes from Pruzhany.

In general, you have a record dollar exchange rate here, wages are falling, gold and foreign exchange reserves are in the red, people are being fired, confidence in the junta is at the bottom level, the budget deficit is going crazy. Forecasts of European and world organizations on the situation in the country were given earlier. Here's another public opinion poll, in which 15,000 random users took part. The sample is not very representative, but 40 percent expect a rate above 3 rubles by the end of April. This is a verdict for the ruble and trust in it.

The game of toy soldiers, started by Putin, has collapsed the Russian ruble. This means that it will be even more difficult for the Belarusian counterpart. Several alarming insights have already been received from the National Bank, which we are actively checking. Nick will notify as soon as he confirms the information.

But the Pruzhany regional executive committee has its own problems - the flags hang low. And this means that something can be done with them. Therefore, you need to set the flag at a height of at least 3 meters (not so that the flag flies proudly, but so that the enemies do not get it), and you also need to equip the places where these flags are installed with cameras (to know the enemies by sight). This is how we will increase the GDP, apparently.

Hint from Mike: to avoid desecration, maybe you shouldn't “decorate” everything from district executive committees to paddy wagons with these flags of yours, marking the territory, eh? Well, and in general, think: what kind of state are you building if ordinary Pruzhany people hate you along with your flags?

In the meantime, we will continue to talk about what is happening at the enterprises. Reports from three of the four sugar mills (Zhabinka, Skidzel, and Haradzeya) make us think seriously. The auditor states: “There is significant uncertainty regarding the continuity of operations.” The Slutsk Combine is doing a little better, but it has always stood more firmly on its feet.

Four factories produced 528 thousand tons of sugar (10 percent less than in 2019). Exports in 2020 amounted to $ 152 million against $ 110 million in 2019. But at the same time, 445 thousand tons were exported in 2020 and 278 thousand tons in 2019. That is, the cost of a ton fell from $ 395 to $ 340, which further killed the economy of the plants.

According to Nick's information, reductions at Belmedpreparat are beginning. There are several dozen people on the lists, mostly retirees. Under the knife of director Beliaeu, his deputy and real professional Bespolava fell. They are fired despicably - by order from the Ministry of Health, without the right to hold positions in state institutions. Beliaeu accused her of creating an opposition cell at the enterprise, and Bespolava only defended the people who were detained during the rallies. Shame and disgrace, comrade Beliaeu!

Moreover, Beliaeu's other deputy and also his mistress, whom he brought to Belmedpreparaty from the previous job, of course, did not get laid off. Well, what did you want? Friends of Karanik, who Beliaeuis, can do anything.

And there will be more about mistresses. We will get to the judges and the press secretaries of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is a pity that you have to take these measures, but you do not seem to understand otherwise. If you have information about the adultery of your bosses, you are welcome to the bot.

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