20 June 2021, Sunday, 19:58
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"To be silent means to betray oneself": a powerful speech of sambo wrestler Stsiapan Papou

"To be silent means to betray oneself": a powerful speech of sambo wrestler Stsiapan Papou

In Belarus, something has happened that requires cardinal changes.

Sambo wrestler Stsiapan Papou shared his opinion on how the authorities reacted to the incident with 12-year-old Raman, who suffered while rescuing his brother from the fire, Tribuna reports.

"You want to kill two birds with one stone by making one video and showing how kind and sympathetic you are, and, by doing this, you still fulfill the order from the officials from above. Having made one show-off video, you can't deceive your conscience.

Yes, Raman is really great, he saved his brother's life, while risking his own. People were touched by this courageous act. The boy is a real hero! Everyone wants to help and worries about Raman.

May God grant him health!

But where is your solidarity with other people? Each of you a friend or relatives who got into this terrible purge. How quickly did you forget August 9-13? Thousands of beaten people, a sea of tears and suffering. Thousands of people are still in prison. New detentions take place every day. Tens of thousands left the country. And someone is no longer alive. And in response, not a single apology, only accusations, insults, and humiliation of those who struggle and cannot forget.

Each of you sees it, and no one has forgotten. But how quickly you deleted your posts from Instagram. How quickly you denounced and even began to blame your comrades for the fact that they still speak and are not silent. Because of this, you may suffer. And you still do not have an answer to the question: "Why are you silent?"

And to use another grief in order to look better in the eyes of people and, with your quiet silence, to support all the ongoing chaos, in my opinion, is hypocritical.

It’s very interesting when they tell me why I’m getting into politics! If an athlete got into politics, he has no place in the gym. Sport is out of politics!

I believe that I, like a lot of people in Belarus, was apolitical a year ago. And, even though this year I read a lot every day, watch, and analyze news from various sources, including the state media, I will openly say that I still do not understand politics yet.

But I clearly understand that now something has happened in our country that requires cardinal changes. I will also say that I understand exactly what justice is!

To have freedom of choice and vote, respect for the Constitution and human rights, and prevent unjustified violence. To punish the guilty and release the innocent. Not to be fired just for an open civil position, not to be unjustifiably convicted or offended, not to divide into friends and foes!

I cannot tolerate injustice, even in the smallest things. And naturally, I could not remain silent! Otherwise, I would have betrayed myself. For me, life is values that are not measured by money and quiet stability. My judge is my conscience. My future is the freedom and happiness of my children. White is white and black is black!

And those who have now come to terms with what is happening and believe that they need to be silent and obey because, in your opinion, this is politics, then I am very sorry for you, you will be brought to your knees very soon! And you will not change anything, you will only complain to each other! Freedom and Law are one for all! " wrote Papou.