25 July 2021, Sunday, 23:03
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Serbia's Lesson To Power Cranks

Serbia's Lesson To Power Cranks

Hijacked an airplane? So deal with it, Lukashenka.

Russia's great Balkan friend, historical ally, the country with which Moscow makes friends against NATO - Serbia - has banned Belarusian planes from landing and taking off at its airports. Montenegro, another historical friend, has also banned flights from its airports.

As you can imagine, this is a response to Lukashenka's actions against the Ryanair plane.

Why so?

Well, because Serbia's national interest is to become part of Europe. It's important from an economic point of view. Serbia is closely connected with Europe.

Serbia does not want to follow an outrageous dictator for the sake of "brotherhood". You hijacked a plane? So deal with it, Lukashenka, and pay for it yourself. What does it have to do with us? Bow and apologize.

This is a lesson to Russian "diplomacy," which, without looking, meddled in Lukashenka's business. What is our interest here? To be held hostage to the actions of a troubled dictator? Paying his bills?

It's time to stop being simple-minded cranks.

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