27 January 2023, Friday, 1:33
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Straitjacket Awaits Patient Lukashenka

Straitjacket Awaits Patient Lukashenka

The diagnosis has been established, the strike therapy has been prescribed.

Today the so-called Belarusian authorities cause only laughter and pity at the same time. On the one hand, there are people who will never accept or forgive their fatal mistakes. On the other hand, there are organized and targeted strikes to the head from the democratic countries of the world. Hence, the blue-fingered one has "troubles with the head" and poor health.

The patient is once again treading on a minefield of his own mistakes. So let's help Sasha find a way out.

It has long been clear to everyone that he is nobody, and any of his actions is like self-shooting. Sick fantasies of the usurper can be treated either by surgery in The Hague or by local therapy - a strike. Soon we will see the final credits of the film, where a free people conquers a disease called "dictatorship."

Chaos still reigns in factories and enterprises. At MTZ, they cannot get frozen metal for 20 days. Not to mention the increased incidence of fires.

At Hrodna Azot, they re-stick labels without specifying the manufacturer, and very strange things happen with raw materials and repairs. After all, "sanctions do not work."

There is no money in bus fleets even to replace glass in buses. And at the Brest Gefest, illegal dismissals of specialists take place due to lack of work. It has come to this!

Do Belarusians, who are known all over the world as hardworking and conscientious people, deserve this?! Don't we want to live a better life? The answer is obvious. We have had enough lawlessness in production and the country. Time to take strike therapy measures.

For starters, as with any treatment, of course, we must prepare. Morally and economically. Stock up on the essentials for yourself and your family.

Get rid of Belarusian rubles, which are depreciating every day. Determine where you will be during the strike. And, of course, buy champagne to solemnly open it when you hear the main thing in all the news: “The regime has fallen!”

This will be the happiest moment in the lives of millions of Belarusians. When more than 3,000 illegally convicted will be released in an instant. When there will be queues at the borders of people who are going to finally hug their loved ones. When the streets will be filled with our flag Pahonia.

I am sure that it will be a holiday for Belarusians that can be compared in scale to the carnival in Rio.

So, workers: the diagnosis has been established, the strike therapy has been prescribed. Time to take our "scalpels" in the form of wrenches and start the strike. A straitjacket awaits patient Lukashenka because our strike will be successful. Just what the doctor ordered.

Artem Chernikov, specially for the Basta! Telegram channel