19 September 2021, Sunday, 5:15
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They Are Leaving the “Ship”: The Outflow of Fighters From the Alpha Special Forces Has Begun

They Are Leaving the “Ship”: The Outflow of Fighters From the Alpha Special Forces Has Begun

The high turnover of personnel affects the professionalism of the elite unit.

The outflow of personnel from power units continues. Someone waited for the end of the contract. Someone is simply tired of constant pressure, writes the Nick and Mike telegram channel.

Today we will talk about the Alpha special forces. The soldiers continue to leave the squad. And if earlier the management was calm about dismissals and let go without special persuasion, now the situation has changed. It is becoming more and more difficult to leave - the high turnover of personnel affects the professionalism of the elite unit. Finding a qualified replacement is now also difficult. The personnel situation is quite critical.

Alpha is a unit where people communicate more or less closely only in their own group (7-10 people). They intersect with the rest only in training. There are about 100 fighters in total. And, of course, when someone drops out, it becomes noticeable.

The main reasons for layoffs are constant pressure and checks. Phones are constantly being tapped. Endless training is in addition to the fact that they can be called at any time of the day or night (and, during the last year, this happened more often than usual). Wages do not grow and are not even indexed to prices.

This poorly relates with the words from the high rostrum that "the protest has been defeated" and "life is returning to normal." However, everything is a little different in life from what it was before August 9. Even in Alpha, there is a situation of constant suspicion and mistrust towards everyone.

People, having rested after vacation, return and can no longer work normally. The strain of a year and the lack of light at the end of the tunnel are taking their toll. Having had rest from total control, you don't want to plunge into it again.

Another aggravating moment is preparations for the anniversary of the protests. First, they have sobered up - not everyone has a desire to act unreasonably brutally. Secondly, there's a lot of training in the heat again. Thirdly, those who have planned vacations for this time have to change their plans. The same situation is in the police department. This infuriates not only the personnel but also their families.

From our own side, we add that, in such a schedule, you will have to live until the moment when the popular requirements are met. The situation has gone too far to be forgotten or forgiven.

There was another important story with Alpha in the first days after the elections. On August 16, veterans of the organization signed an appeal against the violence. Retaliation followed immediately. The organization of veterans was liquidated, and they also caused trouble for those who were there. The current employees are, of course, aware of this situation.

It should be noted that it is common to become an Alpha veteran after 30 years. But the fuse and the energy are always there. Are they capable of independent actions without orders and of independent organized force? Hardly. Are they really capable of defending national security when urgently needed? Maybe. It all depends on conscience and moral preparation.