20 September 2021, Monday, 6:12
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"Now BelAZes Will Go Only Downhill"

"Now BelAZes Will Go Only Downhill"

Lukashenka has lost his subjectivity both inside and outside the country.

Recently, four global companies at once stopped cooperating with BelAZ and BMZ. The companies refuse to work with Belarusian companies because of the EU and U.S. sanctions. And this is not the last defeat of the regime on the international front.

There is no more talk about any relations with the countries of the West. Russia declares its support, but is in no hurry to help Lukashenka. Moreover, the regime turns into a headache for China, for which it is extremely important that Minsk cooperates with EU countries. Beijing is concerned that Lukashenka will cause transit problems.

Charter97.org readers believe that the situation for the dictator will only get worse. After all, no one wants to deal with a man whose signature on any document is equal to a "doughnut hole."

"Due to their youth, many people are not aware that:

1. Ford's first assembly plant was near Minsk, Union Motors.

2. The first Skoda assembly in the USSR was supposed to be near Dziarzhynsk.

Who ruined all this? Who did? They won't build in RB, they already did, but they shut everything down".

"Danfoss also makes engine nozzles and nozzle filters and so on. Only now we are finding out how many companies refused to supply, and how many service companies refused to service the equipment or deliver spare parts. As predicted - in the fall, we also saw the riot police forcing the militia to work at the plant."

"The most important thing is that there is no substitute for these components without sacrificing quality. Danfoss used to make hydraulic actuators for BelAZ, and it is very difficult to change something in these machines, you cannot assemble hydraulic actuators for a 250-ton dump truck easily, there are one-of-a-kind items in these machines. They will buy gaskets through companies, but all this will become very expensive. The buyer will not pay for the increased costs of BelAZ. Let's see how these sanctions "will strengthen the economy and give impetus to domestic manufacturers". The Belarusian industry is simply unable to master the production of the necessary components, even "in the name of the revolution," if we were able, we would have mastered it long ago".

"Now BelAZ trucks will go only downhill..."

"In the fall, they said that Russia and China would help. China has not given a single penny since then. Moreover, there is obviously a question of the reliability of the multi-billion-dollar railway transportation."

"Navapolatsk, a town with a population of 100 thousand people, immediately turns from a more or less wealthy region into a town without jobs. This is a very big problem, if the refinery is idle for at least three months, hunger riots will break out there. Naftan employs about 10 thousand workers, they are fed from the budget and each must be paid for doing nothing, and there is also a need to service the idle plant. This is a lot of money. The blow to the regime is very harsh".

"China has never said that Belarus is its ally, despite all of Lukashenka's cunning diplomatic twists and turns. By the way, Belarus' debt to China has been growing for several years in a row. That is that on that..."

"Four years ago I sold my 2009 MTZ-320 tractor. It had a Lamborghini engine. The buyer told me at the time that some 320's were also equipped with a YMZ engine. So he told me that I was very lucky to have a Lamborghini, because most of YMZ engines break down after a couple of years - you either change the engine or put the tractor under the fence as an ornament. I mean that no one in his right mind would buy a BelAZ with a YMZ engine. Who needs such a pain in the ass?"

"Logical conclusions and decisions. For Ostap has lost the remnants of sanity, predictability and reliability. Any new trick of Ostap like seizing another plane, arresting someone else's business, or seizing another country's property leads to new international sanctions, instability in Belarus and Ostap's growing inadequacy.

How can you do business with a man who is illegitimate and whose signature on any document is equal to a "doughnut hole?"

"There is a problem on the new Great Silk Way, a bottleneck in the form of Sasha 0%, who has managed to quarrel with practically the whole world in six months."

"How do you do business with a 'leader' of a country who has lost subjectivity both inside and outside the country? Right, by solving affairs and issues through those who have retained influence over the crazy object in Belarus and who need this crazy object in their interests!"

"The Chinese are pragmatists, they won't act in the heat of the moment, they will wait, look, calculate and then make a decision".

"Cockroach is not just crazy, not just an insane person who needs urgent psychiatric care. Cockroach, along with his entire entourage of infected special-psychos, is dangerous to the entire world community as an international terrorist, and doctors have no chance of treating him. We need a special operation to eliminate the terrorist."

"The ban on Nivea will bite in the ass so badly that the Makei fools will have to pay extra to bring the company back here".

"Lukashenka is a terrorist, everyone agrees with that. Terrorists are dealt shortly. They are given an ultimatum: to release all political prisoners within three days, punish the perpetrators and hold new elections. If they don't do it, then ten tomahawks are fired at the Cockroach's residence. I assure you it will work. Tsertsel and Shved, Kubrakouv, Balaba, and Karpenkou will show a clean pair of heels".

"Makei and company must be written off as useless. The regime simply has no foreign policy now".

"Belarus is not North Korea, so tightening the screws won't last forever. Lukashenka is mopping up the protest field, but the people have not gone under his banner. People are waiting in the weeds, they are showing patience now, but they are not joining the rallies of supporters of Luashenka, which means that the regime is not a thought leader. And this is dangerous for the regime. It doesn't control internal processes, so it doesn't know when it could explode. It's like living on a volcano. It's very dangerous, and he knows it."

"In fact, in 2020, most Belarusians stopped turning a blind eye to the lies and savagery carried by the psychopath for many years. That's all that happened, everything just fell into place in this mirror-world. The impostor became the fool, which is what this illiterate, short-sighted moral freak is. Western countries became friends, which is what the developed European countries are, and Russia became an accomplice of the dictator and a country-aggressor, which is what it has always been. Since the moment when the Belarusians began to speak the truth and talk like civilized people, the time of the regime was over, it is doomed and is in a state of agony now. This is what is happening in Belarus today.

"The talks are moving in the right direction! Just imagine - the Lukashists are recognized as terrorists, like ISIS!"

"Cockroach is now the terrorist No. 1 in the world. And everyone knows and remembers what happened to the world's #1 terrorists Osama Bin Laden and Qassem Suleimani. Cockroach must be given an ultimatum, if the terrorist activities are not stopped within a week, if all political prisoners are not released, then Lukashenka will be destroyed."

"We have only victories on the external front. All that's left is to level up the internal one. Workers, our hope is with you," write Charter97.org readers.