20 September 2021, Monday, 12:00
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Heroes Are Inside Each One of Us

Heroes Are Inside Each One of Us

It wasn't the telegram chats or channels that made the strike.

Just like they didn't make the protest. They are just tools. In fact, everything that happens inside the country happens because of the effort of each individual. That is why every person is a hero.

Suffice it to recall the pre-election anxiety when we were worrying that everyone we knew was aware of "The Vote" and that everyone knew how to fold the ballots. Later, every one of us, in conversation with friends, would periodically ask, "Are you coming?" And we did come.

Same with the strike. Now we are acquiring a disposition, trying on methods of slowing down our work so that we can both hurt the blue-fingered one and his lackeys and go unnoticed. We are now beginning to realize that it is up to us to decide whether or not to act. We are now beginning to discuss in close circles the likelihood of a strike and its efficacy. Pretty soon we will be asking friends, "Are you staying home?"

And anyone who makes at least one thing against is already a hero.

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