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American Corporation Cummins Terminates Cooperation With BelAZ

American Corporation Cummins Terminates Cooperation With BelAZ

The company was the main supplier of mine truck engines.

The American corporation Cummins, one of the main suppliers of engines for BelAZ, has confirmed to the Trade Union of Belarusians of Great Britain (PUBB) that “we do not send any products to BelAZ or its dealers,” reports the “Basta!” Telegram channel.

This position is the result of EU sanctions, as well as intensive lobbying by NGOs and Belarusian diasporas, including PUBB, which first approached Cummins almost a year ago, in September 2020, due to violations of workers' rights and repression at the Zhodzina plant.

Important to note, BelAZ was included in the EU sanctions list.

Earlier, the British company Rolls-Royce Group, which cooperated with BelAZ through its German subsidiary, announced that it was terminating relations with the Belarusian plant.

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