20 October 2021, Wednesday, 17:17
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Tense Situation At Belaruskali: Dollars Do Not Come At All

Tense Situation At Belaruskali: Dollars Do Not Come At All

This has not happened since the late 1990s.

The situation with accepting payments is still tense at Belaruskali - dollars do not come at all, with other currencies it has so far been easier. Sanctions “don't work,” but they do create problems. Money for salaries, payments by contractors have been frozen for the second month, the Nick and Mike Telegram channel writes.

Both companies and individual entrepreneurs who are employed in the construction sector do not get paid. Construction has been frozen at all industrial sites, as well as the construction of a corporate house. The kindergarten is still under construction, but close to completion. People who have been working with Belaruskali for a long time say that such a situation has not happened since the late 90s. The tension is growing. People are seriously worried about whether they will be able to get their money back.

Meanwhile, Yara continues to put pressure on the leadership of Belaruskali. This week the Norwegians visited the Darasinsky mine with another inspection. Needless to say, on the eve of the visit, the mine was washed, cleaned and scrubbed. Everything was just like the junta loves: one continuous window dressing and decoration. Yara sees this, and this causes particular disgust. Well, the real purpose of the visit is, among other things, to find ways to work under the conditions of “non-working” sanctions.

At Belaruskali, the main concern is the stoppage of transit through Klaipeda. Despite the best efforts of workers, no alternatives have been developed. In fact, the situation is left to chance. Nobody knows what will happen in December. However, one must understand that Belaruskali receives money for the delivered products with a delay of up to six months. Therefore, the money will continue coming to Salihorsk for a certain time period.

So far, one of the measures that the “strong business executives” have thought of is the development of a schedule for planned maintenance work at the mines. The challenge is to pretend that everything is going according to the plan, even if you screwed up. Another “brilliant” idea is the temporary suspension of the collective agreement. In it, they found a clause on circumstances of insuperable force, which makes it possible to freeze the execution of individual clauses of the agreement.

Miners, remember that this collective agreement has been achieved with difficulties by the previous generation of miners led by the legendary Yurgevich, who came to Minsk straight from Salihorsk, and provided for themselves (and for you) decent working conditions. If you do not fight back now, then very soon the collective agreement will be thrown into the trash. Show Halavaty who is the boss in the mine!