29 November 2021, Monday, 3:03
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"Dear Workers, You Have Rights!"

"Dear Workers, You Have Rights!"

Take a decisive step for the future of our country.

The Basta! telegram channel has shared the opinion of one of the participants of the Minsk protest chats:

- Dear workers, you have rights!

Fight for yourselves! The example of Minsk dairy factory shows that it's not possible to fire all the workers at once. The example of the "parasite decree" shows that people must be listened to and heard.

You will not be forced to go to work,

How can we not see that? Stop being slaves!

We are the ones who continue to feed this regime by working. We just need to not come out to work. Even if 10%-20% of the working population did that, everything would stop. A couple of weeks would be enough.

It's impossible to fire everyone. But even firing them is not the end of life! In a free country you will get your job back.

We must take a decisive step, for the future of our country.

Workers, support the strike, it's time to act.