16 October 2021, Saturday, 6:40
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It Became Known What Tax Innovations Were Prepared for Belarusians

It Became Known What Tax Innovations Were Prepared for Belarusians

An official draft of amendments to the Tax Code has been published.

A draft of amendments to the Tax Code has been published on the website of the Ministry of Finance. As we wrote earlier, officials want, among other things, to abolish the single tax and simplified taxation for individual entrepreneurs and raise taxes for renting apartments and garages, as well as a tax for dog owners. Among other proposals of the authorities - from 2024, to abolish the preferential tax in the field of agro-ecotourism. Let's talk about some of the proposed changes to the Tax Code.

Judging by the posted draft amendments to the Tax Code, they want to remove individual entrepreneurs from the number of taxpayers under the simplified taxation system, as well as lawyers and notaries who work through the bureau.

From January 1, 2023, officials want to abolish the single tax on individual entrepreneurs and other individuals. Business unions and entrepreneurs have criticized officials' plans to introduce tax changes. They predict a decrease in competition, an increase in the shadow economy, and migration of businesses, should such innovations come into effect.

The draft amendments to the Tax Code stipulate that they want to abolish the fee in the field of agro-ecotourism from 2024. At the same time, for 2022, they intend to raise up to 31 rubles per month for one agricultural estate. The same amount will have to be paid for the second estate (if the innovations are eventually accepted). What taxation will be for owners of agricultural estates in the event of the introduction of changes is not yet clear. Now the tax for owners of agricultural estates and artisans is two basic units per year - 58 rubles. The last time it was increased was on January 1 this year. Earlier there were plans to increase it to 4 base units - 116 rubles.

The draft of updates in the Tax Code also stipulates that the tax on the excess of expenses over the income of individuals can be raised to 20%. Now it is 16%. It is taken from the excess amount.

In 2022, the authorities also want to increase the income tax rates for individuals who rent out housing, garages, and parking spaces. For example, in Minsk, the tax for renting one room can grow to 36.8 rubles (now - 34.3 rubles) and in regional cities - up to 34.5 rubles (now - 32.2 rubles) from next year.

Excise rates on alcohol and cigarettes are also planned to be raised. For example, they want to divide filtered cigarettes into two groups according to excise rates (now there are 3 of them). So, now the excise rate on the most expensive filter cigarettes is 82.77 rubles, and it is being discussed to raise it to 86.36 rubles per 1000 pieces. Excise duty rates on cigarettes are going to be increased next year in two stages - from January 1 and July 1. Earlier the option of increasing it in one stage was considered.

Land tax rates and on real estate are also expected to rise from next year. For example, the average rate of land tax by regions may rise by about 7.2%.