24 January 2022, Monday, 0:39
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Polish Soldiers Intercepted Contraband Drone On Border With Belarus

Polish Soldiers Intercepted Contraband Drone On Border With Belarus

What other unconventional ways do the smugglers use?

The Polish 18th Mechanized Division reported on its Facebook that on the night of January 9-10, its soldiers seized a drone near Janow Podlaski, which was probably used for smuggling. It was handed over to the border guards, writes belsat.eu.

The seized aircraft is a small glider with two electric motors that gear the wooden propellers. The photographs show that it is mainly made of polystyrene.

It is one of many such finds on the European borders with Belarus. Border guards have already stopped quadcopter drones, a drone railroader, and not so long ago an artificial ice floe as well. These devices were used for smuggling cigarettes.

There have also been known cases of cigarette blocks being moved across the border with the help of pontoons, amphibious vehicles, mechanised hangers-on and even divers.

Soldiers of the 18th Mechanized Division have been supporting border guards on the border with Belarus because of the ongoing migration crisis since late May.

Last year, the border guard recorded almost 40,000 attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally. In December, there were 1.7 thousand of them, another 8.9 thousand in November, 17.5 thousand in October, 7.7 thousand in September and 3.5 thousand in August.