19 May 2022, Thursday, 21:03
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Hasta La Vista, Sasha!

Hasta La Vista, Sasha!

This is our choice.

Lukashenka's palace is in total dismay, not knowing what to expect. Either the “referendum”, which they are all terribly afraid of, or the peaceful departure of the dictator to another world. After all, last week Belarusians especially attentively read the news that the former president of Belarus was seriously ill. And the “referendum”, which has been postponed for so long to more distant dates, may turn out to be a new starting point.

In general, the “elections” in Belarus are a particularly nervous event for the administration. And it does not matter whether it is the election of the president, or deputies, or amendments to the non-working constitution. It seems to me that they would not have held them with pleasure, since it is at these moments that people begin to become especially interested in politics. They remember the famous phrase: “You buy coffee in a cafe - it means you directly participate in politics”. The price of your coffee, like any price in general, depends on the standard of living. 2020 is proof of that. Even people who are far from politics came out to defend their choice.

But what choice do people have to defend now? You go to the “referendum” arranged by the usurper, which means you recognize life in Belarus under his leadership. And here it does not matter what you will vote for, whether you will spoil the ballots. Appeared at the “referendum” - vote taken into account. After all, the ballots, for sure, will not even go to the CECircus, but, as in 2020, will simply be thrown away or handed over for waste paper recycling. Do you remember what Yarmoshyna used to say in this regard? “It doesn't matter how they vote - it matters how we count.” Digital vote counting platforms have also failed. It was clear to everyone even without them that Lukashenka had lost the elections, they simply became a confirmation of obvious things. Therefore, mass failure to appear at the “elections” is a really effective method. First, it means that you do not recognize the dictator. And secondly, if someone from the commission forges your signature, these are new criminal cases for the regime's accomplices.

And in general, it is extremely difficult to find those who want to participate in this clownery. This is especially clearly seen in the example of teachers, who, in addition to their main work, were burdened with propaganda duties. For that penny salary, they do not really want to do their job, not to mention work for the regime, which, in principle, drove them into this position. Therefore, people who agree to enter the election commissions should think twice. What has this regime given to them? Maybe they deserve a better life?

Everyone can facilitate the failure of the referendum arranged by the illegitimate guy. The whole country should say to him: “Hasta la vista, Sasha!” This is our choice.

Artsiom Chernikau, especially for the ‘Basta!’ Telegram channel