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White Coats Publish Shocking Summary On COVID-19

White Coats Publish Shocking Summary On COVID-19

Doctors urge us to follow the rules of disease prevention.

Remembering the immortal words of Ivan Vasilyevich, “Everyone is dancing!”? You can now paraphrase them to “Everyone is sick!”

Since last Monday, the purulent department at the 10th City Clinical Hospital has been closed in order to receive patients with COVID, and today the first cardiology department is closed for the same purposes. Admission to the hospital is quite intensive, beds are being laid very quickly. This is also due to the fact that the omicron could not yet completely displace the delta and some patients come with the previous strain, and also to the fact that the omicron can cause a disease requiring hospitalization, although less often than the delta. A large number of cases and their rapid growth naturally increases the level of hospitalizations, the White Coats Telegram channel informs.

Minsk, 6th City Clinical Hospital. In the emergency department of traumatology, 24 employees are on sick leave. It is very difficult to assemble an on-duty shift. Many doctors, since the field is an emergency, go on additional duty in order to somehow cover the need for doctors, as a result, overtime has increased even more.

Calling a doctor at home has become an almost impossible mission. For example, as of Friday, January 28, in the 10th polyclinic of Minsk, there were 200 doctor calls per day. Of course, only a fraction of the visits were made. Doctors can not cope, even with the help of interns and students, so sick people are advised to come to the clinic. The same situation is in other polyclinics of Minsk.

Here is a clarification on 3rd City Clinical Hospital in Minsk and its re-profiling: the rehabilitation department for children has not been working since last autumn. They accepted children up to 3 years old, with SARS and pneumonia. Now the entire infant department of the 3rd Children's Hospital (95 beds) is open for covid patients. The neurology department accepts children of 1 month - 3 years old with acute respiratory viral infections and pneumonia.

Medical University students, 6 people per group, are sent by order to polyclinics, as there are not enough hands and additional help is required. Students of the Belarusian State Medical University are also encouraged to go to the aid of the outpatient department on a volunteer basis: to work in contact teams, call centers, and help at the reception. So far, we are talking about unpaid work, although there is information that students can be released from some part of the practice for doing this work.

In one of the 10th classes in the school #61 in Homel, not a single student came to the lessons last week. Each class has 6-8 children. Children bring the virus from school, people get sick with entire families. There is also information from Homel that not everyone is tested for covid, but only those who are suspected of having covid pneumonia. The rest receive a diagnosis of SARS and, as a result, do not get into the incidence statistics.

One of the clinics in the city of Minsk received 210 positive smears for covid infection as of Friday, January 28. This is out of 2,221 cases in the Republic, that is, one tenth. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health has crossed the psychological threshold of 2,000 cases per day, this figure is still extremely far from the real picture.

Pharmacies report that the demand for antiviral drugs and drugs for the symptomatic treatment of SARS has increased unprecedentedly. This has not happened during the entire pandemic — pharmacists share their experience. At the same time, very few people wear masks, even those who come from a doctor with a diagnosis of “coronavirus infection” may not be wearing a mask, not to mention those who (yet) are not sick.

Dear friends! Don't be fooled by the fact that the omicron goes more easily, and supposedly isn't scary.

A huge burden on the healthcare system, on doctors who are exhausted both morally and physically, because they had almost no rest since the last wave, on the outpatient link — these are serious risk factors for the collapse of the system, which will result in the inability to receive medical care in the first place — at the outpatient stage.

Therefore, we urge you to wear masks, avoid crowded places, practice hand hygiene, and if you get sick, do not go to work / school, but stay at home.

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