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Travel Abroad Restricted In Belarus

Travel Abroad Restricted In Belarus

The "chamber" adopted a "bill".

At a meeting on October 12, the "chamber guys" adopted in the first reading a bill "On changing laws", which determines the procedure for issuing biometric passports and imposes restrictions on leaving the country for certain groups of citizens. This was reported by the press service of the "chamber".

The bill was prepared in connection with the introduction in Belarus of biometric identity documents on September 1 last year. In addition, it amends several other existing acts, including the law "On the procedure for exit from the Republic of Belarus and entry into the Republic of Belarus of citizens of the Republic of Belarus".

In the new bill, a biometric passport was officially included in the list of documents on the basis of which entry or exit to Belarus is allowed. However, there are other changes as well.

What will change

In particular, the KGB will be able to restrict Belarusians from leaving the country for six months if it "contradicts the interests of the national security of the Republic of Belarus". Which citizens and on what grounds will fall into this category is not reported.

Departure will also be prohibited for those in respect of whom an administrative process is underway, and a decision has not yet been made by the court. This includes the "political" articles of the Code of Administrative Offenses: disobedience to a lawful order or demand of an official in the exercise of their official powers, violation of the procedure for organizing or holding mass events, and so on.

Employees of law enforcement agencies, including civilian personnel, will be allowed to leave Belarus only upon agreement with the leadership, which can impose a ban "in order to ensure the interests of national security until the circumstances preventing their leaving cease". If such persons have a biometric passport, they will have to hand it over to the personnel department for the duration of their service.

As for civil servants, the procedure for their departure from Belarus will be determined by the government.

In addition, all conscripts, as well as citizens under the age of 27, enrolled in the reserve for health reasons without undergoing urgent military service or service in the reserve, will be able to travel for permanent residence outside the country with the consent of the military registration and enlistment office.

And the Belarusians, who permanently reside abroad, are required to be put on a permanent consular register there.

What's next

Now the "council of the republic" is supposed to approve the bill, and Lukashenka must sign it, then the document, already in the status of a law, will be officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal. After that, the ban on the departure of employees of law enforcement agencies without permission comes into force two months later, the rest of the amendments — immediately after publication.