4 December 2022, Sunday, 22:10
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Lukashenka Lacks Lackeys

Lukashenka Lacks Lackeys

A tough director replaced the foolish one at Hrodna Azot.

Some Belarusian appointees may start issuing even almanacks with all sorts of instructions about the destruction of the Belarusian economy. It seems that it is simply impossible to manage enterprises so ineptly and one gets the feeling that they were studying how to do it somewhere.

At this stage, Belarusians are watching the epic decline of one of the largest and most important enterprises in Belarus - Hrodna Azot. There were times when the enterprise fed the entire Hrodna region due to the manufactured products. The enterprise was a major source of foreign exchange for the Belarusian economy being one of the most stable exporters of nitrogen fertilisers.

The world learned about the company not only as a supplier of fertilisers in 2020. The outcry of the workers against the fraud of the elections not only surprised the whole world but forced the Lukashists to retreat and stop the violence on the streets of Hrodna City. The frightened dictator quickly took action and appointed his personal lackey Ihar Liashenka to the director's position in order to "put things in order". But the appointee perceived the concept of order as a complete ruin. It took him less than two years to destroy the flagship of the Belarusian industry.

Liashenka began his journey at the enterprise with the layoffs of production professionals, which led to a huge number of accidents, leaks, and unscheduled shutdowns in 2021-2022. It is extremely rare to hear anything positive about him. He compensated for his lack of education and inexperience with rudeness a lot, which also caused a wave of layoffs. Liashenka did not take into account that Hrodna Azot is a specific enterprise, only professionals who year after year gained tremendous experience working there, can cope with long-outdated equipment. The old-timers of the plant had gone - the result is obvious.

The final breakdown of his scandalous career was the last breakdown that occurred in August in the Carbamide-3 Shop. The failure of a Dutch-made column, which has no analogues, froze the work of two shops for a long time.

Liashenka was frightened by the leaks of photographs with a crumpled column, warehouses filled with products, as well as some recorded talks. In his, perhaps, last order, he banned the use of smartphones in the enterprise and demanded that push-button phones be purchased at the expense of workers.

Soon changes are coming to the enterprise: one fool is expected to change another, even more illiterate. According to the latest information from the enterprise, Ihar Liashenka is being fired for negligence and unprofessionalism.

It is obvious that Lukashenko's personnel are so bad that the former Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Karaev is applying for the position of director of a dangerous chemical enterprise. The dictator appointed him an inspector of the Hrodna region. This character is distinguished by a special hatred for the Belarusian people. He personally gave the order to detain blogger Siarhei Tsikhanouski at a picket in Hrodna, and also called on the security forces to “spare no one”. By the way, he does not have any special education in the field of management and, moreover, in the field of chemical production.

It looks like even harder times are coming to Hrodna Azot: a tough director replaced the foolish one. This will perfectly enhance the effect of sanctions, which are slowly but surely finishing off the enterprise. The illiterate leadership accelerates this process at times. The example of Lyashenka is a perfect confirmation. In this situation, there is simply no one to deal with the development of products, bringing the enterprise out of the crisis and making a profit. A new wave of personnel outflow will eventually lead to the complete closure of the flagship of the Belarusian chemical industry.

Artyom Chernikau, especially for the Basta! Telegram channel