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Expert: Russia's Elite Initiates Scenario To Eliminate Putin

Expert: Russia's Elite Initiates Scenario To Eliminate Putin

There are several clans influencing domestic political processes in Russia.

The Russian elite will try to eliminate Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to preserve the current model of power in Russia. They consider such a step as one of the options to solve the crisis in the aggressor country.

However, it will be challenging to implement the scenario of Putin's elimination. Political expert Valery Klochok stated it on the air of Espresso.

"I have a clear impression that the scenario of Putin's ouster from power is being implemented at this stage. It is not that easy; there are several clans that are concerned with the internal political processes in the Russian Federation. Consider Patrushev, who is actively working to ouster Putin," the political expert says.

This option for Russia itself is one of the ways to resolve the current situation in the aggressor country. The Russian elite is eager to retain the model of power it has now. To do this, they can listen to the West and go back to the borders as they were in 1991.

However, Putin is against such a decision. If one fails to overthrow him, the appropriate step will not be implemented.

"Putin falls behind the intentions of the political group. If they fail to replace Putin, the story for them will be different and much worse. They will simply be split," Klochok says.

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