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Heads Are Rolling In Russian Army After Lyman Defeat

Heads Are Rolling In Russian Army After Lyman Defeat

Now, we know whom they pinned the defeat on.

Vladimir Putin did not forgive the command of the Russian army for the loss of Lyman. It became known that the commander of the Western Military District, Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev, paid for the defeat with his position. Now, Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov will occupy this post.

The Russian edition of RBC claims that Berdnikov is a graduate of the Kyiv Suvorov Military School. Berdnikov and Zhuravlev are united by the fact that they both commanded Russian troops in Syria. Immediately after the appointment of Berdnikov, Russian propagandists recalled his statement in an interview. The lieutenant general slandered the Kyiv Suvorov School during the interview, saying that in 1991, when he was finishing his studies, they were “harassed because of their nationality” there.

Recall that on October 1, terrorist and leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that Colonel General Alexander Lapin was to blame for the loss of Lyman.

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