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'Third Chechen War Getting Closer': General Lapin, Who Lost Lyman, Responds Harshly To Kadyrov

'Third Chechen War Getting Closer': General Lapin, Who Lost Lyman, Responds Harshly To Kadyrov

The Russian Colonel-General said he took the example of the head of Chechnya.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov gets outraged after every failure of the Russian army in Ukraine. Recently he called to demote Colonel-General Aleksandr Lapin, who was allegedly the reason why the invaders had to flee from Lyman to escape from the AFU, to the rank and file. Meanwhile, the military chief was sitting hundreds of kilometres away from the front line, in Luhansk.

Colonel-General Aleksandr Lapin replied to his opponent via blogger Tumso that he "took the example of Kadyrov, who is sitting thousands of kilometres away from his units on a luxury sofa, and sitting on that sofa, he has taken Kyiv several times and even prepared for an attack on Poland".

The military officer also poked fun at Kadyrov, reminding him that the head of Chechnya and his fighters like to brag about their fictional successes in Tik-Tok.

"The third Chechen war is getting closer and closer. Thanks to the Putin administration, which has turned Chechens into the highest caste in the Russian Federation, who revel in impunity," Lapin summed up.

As previously reported, Kadyrov was furious about the prisoner exchange, in which Ukraine released Mariupol defenders and the Russian Federation released Putin's fellow sponsor Medvedchuk and several high-ranking military officials.

Later, the Chechen leader demanded to punish all those involved in the failure of the "defence" of Lyman. On October 3, he said that he would send his three sons to the Ukrainian front to show how to fight.

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