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Ukrainian Army Encircling Svatove From Two Sides

Ukrainian Army Encircling Svatove From Two Sides

Russian troops are preparing for street battles in the town.

The Russian army has an extremely unfavourable situation for the defence of Svatove and Kremenna in Luhansk Region: the Ukrainian Armed Forces have hit units on the outskirts of these towns and are almost close to the outskirts.

The information was made public on the Telegram channel of Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, and the Facebook page of Konstantin Mashovets, a military observer from the Infosprotiv community.

Mashovets analysed the actions of the Russian Army and the AFU at the Svatove-Kremenna bridgehead. In both of these directions, the Russians suffered a number of failures.

The direction to Svatove:

At Borova, several Russian units were under threat of being encircled and therefore they hastily retreated further to the east;

AFU is advancing towards Svatove from two sides - from the north of Kupyansk and from the south along the left bank of the Oskil River;

Ukrainian artillery destroyed reinforcements arriving in the village of Krasnorechensky (halfway between Svatove and Kremenna).

Situation near Svatove in Luhansk Region

That is why the Russians are preparing to defend not the approaches to Svatove, but Svatove itself.

In particular, Serhiy Gaidai said on an All-Ukrainian TV marathon that the occupants in Svatove kicked out the patients of the local psychiatric hospital. The hospital has a network of underground rooms. These rooms will be convenient for the enemies to defend themselves in when the AFU enters the town.

The direction of Kremenna:

The AFU have approached the settlement closely from two sides at once

from the west

from the southwest.

Situation near Kremenna in Luhansk Region

The next possible steps for the AFU:

the liberation of Kremenna and Rubizhne;

cutting Luhansk region along the Severodonetsk-Gorodyshche line;

approach from the rear to enemy groups attacking Bakhmut.

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