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Ukrainian Intelligence: Russian Mobilized Men In Belarus Rape Women And Rob En Masse

Ukrainian Intelligence: Russian Mobilized Men In Belarus Rape Women And Rob En Masse

Lukashists hide the crimes of their "allies".

The Kremlin leadership began to gradually transfer its mobilized to the territory of Belarus to conduct harmonization, to replenish the Russian contingent and subsequently create new combat-ready units.

The increase in the number of occupants in Belarus immediately caused a wave of crimes committed by drunken mobilized men.

According to the sources of Channel 24 in the Ukrainian security services, commanders of Russian groups do not even try to control their subordinates. On the contrary, mobilized soldiers are encouraged to commit crimes against civilians in Belarus.

Russian army officers do not care about the moral image of subordinates. Moreover, to fulfill the tasks set by Putin and his entourage, they need to destroy everything human in the future warriors as much as possible.

The presence of the Russian army on the territory of Belarus constantly resulted in the worsening of the criminal situation. Belarusian law enforcers recorded an increase in the number of rapes, robberies, and murders during the establishment of military bases, exercises, and during the withdrawal of defeated groups from the territory of Ukraine.

The Russians who came to the neighbouring country enjoyed their impunity, since the Moscow-controlled Belarusian law enforcers almost never attempted to bring them to justice.

The very individuals that Putin's regime has recently begun mobilizing for war with Ukraine differ from those who flooded into Belarus in late 2021 before the full-scale invasion. They are characterized by their incredible cruelty toward those who cannot oppose them.

Drunk and superiority-happy, the mobilized pread out to towns and villages near their bases after their arrival in Belarus.

In just a few days of their stay "for the exercises", representatives of the Russian contingent recently deployed to Belarus committed more than 30 rapes and nine robberies. In addition, the Russian military are suspected of killing a young man who was a bystander in a sexual crime committed by the Russians.

Most likely, the Kremlin's henchmen will not be punished for their brazen violation of the law. Since Lukashenka does not benefit from worsening relations with Russia, the police have been ordered to drag out the investigation of cases, to minimize the number of written statements on offenses, and look for persons who can be prosecuted who are not Russian servicemen.

It is quite understandable that all crimes committed by Russians on the Belarusian land will be purposefully silenced by the Belarusian authorities. The local officials have been instructed not to leak the information to the local mass media. According to them, there is no need to disseminate "unverified information" about the involvement of the military of the occupying country in the crimes, so as not to cause resentment among the local residents.

The fact that some of those mobilized are prisoners released from jail, who have united into small gangs, further aggravates the situation. Schools, abandoned warehouses and hangars serve as headquarters for these groups; and the mobilized from Russia were placed there.

The Belarusian authorities cannot and do not want to stop the invasion of Russian criminals. After all, Lukashenka is actually unable to deport the Moscow contingent from his country. So he has to host the 20,000 mobilized in his country. With the full understanding that the arrival of another batch of hordes is a punishment for the Belarusian people. Nevertheless, the dictator issued orders to provide maximum assistance to the Russian officers and soldiers to coordinate and strengthen the grouping in Moscow at all levels. In fact, it means granting the horde carte blanche for rape and murder.

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