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Attack On Kherson: Ukrainian Army Liberates Shevchenkivka And Lyubimivka

Attack On Kherson: Ukrainian Army Liberates Shevchenkivka And Lyubimivka

The road to Berislav and Nova Kakhovka is open.

According to an October 3 report, Ukrainian defence forces have entered another village in northern Kherson region, Shevchenkivka.

The information was published on the Telegram channel of the DeepState volunteer community.

They published a picture of a group of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there. The fighters - about 16 people - surrounded the sign with the inscription Shevchenkivka. The fighters have yellow identification tapes on their hands, which proves that they took part in the battles in the southern axis. They are also keeping small arms and anti-tank systems in their hands.

The map of hostilities shows that Shevchenkivka is a settlement located in a kind of “wedge” of previously liberated territories. To the east of this village there is a road leading to Dudchany, Berislav and Nova Kakhovka.

It should be noted that back on September 2, the Institute for the Study of War indicated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine likely relied on entering Shevchenkivka and even Lyubimivka.

In its assessments, ISW relied on evidence from Russian sources.

Recall that a few hours earlier, Ukrainian soldiers recorded a video message to the residents of Nova Kakhovka: they warned that everything would change soon.

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