29 January 2023, Sunday, 14:49
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HIMARS Shells Will Fly At Lukashenka

HIMARS Shells Will Fly At Lukashenka

The dictator is terrified of becoming a victim of war.

Kremlin head Vladimir Putin is trying to force dictator Lukashenka to take part in the war with Ukraine.

This was told by the Russian opposition leader and human rights activist Mark Feigin in a commentary for TSN.

“The Kremlin is constantly trying to force Lukashenka to use the Armed Forces of Belarus in the war. But Lukashenka is afraid of this. And how can he exist in conditions of actual occupation? After all, Belarus is actually under the occupation of Russia,” Feigin said.

As the Russian oppositionist noted, the self-proclaimed ruler understands that if his role in the war with Ukraine becomes more active, the territory of Belarus will also become the object of this war.

“That is, Belarus will be shelled. It's already obvious. HIMARS and other weapons will fly there. But the risks are quite different. He (Lukashenka — edit.) himself might die. He is also afraid, and his fear is quite justified,” Feigin believes.

According to him, the Belarusian dictator understands that he can become a victim of this war. Moreover, Lukashenka is not confident in his army: neither in its loyalty, nor in its effectiveness.

“The side that is advancing loses three times as much as the side that is defending. Lukashenka understands all this. He has intelligence there, they drew everything for him. And how to avoid it? There is no way. Moscow decides everything,” Feigin is convinced.