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How M777 Howitzers Help Armed Forces Of Ukraine To Fight Invaders

How M777 Howitzers Help Armed Forces Of Ukraine To Fight Invaders

This weapon copes well with loads, and continues to prove its effectiveness in winter weather.

Western M777 howitzers have not yet participated in wars of such duration and intensity, but they performed well on the battlefield in Ukraine. A new video with Ukrainian artillery received thanks to the allies has appeared on the internet.

The story was filmed by the journalists of the Military Television of Ukraine. They talked with the defenders of the country, who are operating the M777.

This weapon handles loads well and continues to prove effective in cold winter weather.

Serhiy, the gun commander, said that his team does not work just like that and does not shoot too much, but hits clearly on targets. The military praised the accuracy of the M777, and if all processes are well-arranged, then they will also be fast.

“Artillerymen have a lot of work. They got the target, aimed, worked on it — and are already waiting for a new target. And so almost around the clock,” said the journalist.

The M777 fires 155mm. It is in service with the United States, Australia, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, and now Ukraine. The first combat use of the howitzer was in the war in Afghanistan (2001-2021).

The maximum range for conventional shells is 24.7 kilometers, and for special ones - 40 kilometers. The rate of fire is five rounds per minute (at this rate it works up to two minutes) or two rounds per minute.

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