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Political Prisoner Siarhei Perfilyeu Released

Political Prisoner Siarhei Perfilyeu Released

He served time in the Vitsebsk colony.

Zhlobin resident Siarhei Perfilyeu was convicted along with his son Stanislau under Article 342 of the Criminal Code for participating in post-election protests in August 2020 in Zhlobin. Siarhei was sentenced to 2 years in prison, and his son — to 2 years of liberty restriction without sending to a specialized institution. The political prisoner was serving his term in the Vitsebsk Correctional Colony #3. On November 21, he was released, dissidentBY reports.

Prior to his imprisonment, Siarhei was the director of the construction store StroyPraktik. It is known that his store on October 26 supported a nationwide strike, after which the authorities forced the landlord to terminate the lease agreement on the premises.

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