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Makei Is 'Black Swan' And Others Will Follow Him

Makei Is 'Black Swan' And Others Will Follow Him

The regime will be breaking in the most unexpected places.

Andrei Sannikov, the leader of the European Belarus Civil Campaign and former Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus, commented to the Voice of America on the sudden death of Lukashenka's Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei.

Andrei Sannikov called Vladimir Makei "Lukashenko's faithful dog" who deceived Western governments in order to lure money for the official Minsk. “It was a well-known formulation of the FSB - KGB that Lukashenka should be presented as a dictator who is trying to avoid the influence of Russia, and then the West will give money. There were also politicians in the West who were 'glad to be deluded', but these are false impressions,” Sannikov states.

He also noted that Makei's death was almost unnoticed in Belarus: “The website of the Foreign Ministry did not mention it at all. There were expressions of condolences to Makei's relatives on Lukashenka's website, but for some unknown reason they did not mention his death,” Andrei Sannikov said to the Voice of America.

"Could they assassinate him? Of course, they could. Could he die a natural death? Certainly, because he gave the impression of a hypertensive person, and at an extreme stage already. But in any case, he is a 'black swan' and others will follow him. When the regime has already squeezed the spring to the limit, it will begin to break through wherever possible, and even in the most unexpected places,” Andrei Sannikov said.

Answering the question of who could be the next head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Sannikov emphasized: “It should be a devoted person. There are people in uniform among the Makei's deputies, they perform the same functions. And the main task for a new appointee will be to keep the regime, and not to create think of connections with the West. It does not matter whether the new one will seem softer in relation to the European Union, or will become even tougher in fulfilling the task of relying on their own forces. Or even with an eye on the Kremlin. In other words, no matter who takes the place of Uladzimir Makei, absolutely nothing will change in the foreign policy of the Lukashenka regime,” summed up the leader of the European Belarus Civil Campaign.

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