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AFU Soldiers Destroy Huge Column Of Russian Military Vehicles In 15 Minutes

AFU Soldiers Destroy Huge Column Of Russian Military Vehicles In 15 Minutes

Several strikes within a quarter of an hour - and the occupiers are gone.

Ukrainian fighters showed a video that captures the process of destroying a large amount of Russian military vehicles.

The information was published in the StratCom AFU Telegram channel.

The video, which lasts about a minute, shows in abbreviated form how the remote destruction of Russian vehicles takes place. The commentary indicates that the shelling lasted about 15 minutes.

The first shots of the footage, which seems to have been made by an AFU fighter, make it clear that the incident takes place in late autumn - the road has turned into a swamp.

There are Russian KamAZs standing on the side of the road, bent over. The estimated number of destroyed vehicles is 4-5.

Both the cabs of the vehicles and the tilt-covered trailers are completely damaged by Ukrainian shells.

One of the vehicles has a water canister attached to it - apparently, it was being transported to Russian army positions.

Another KAMAZ was pulling a cargo that was completely burnt out, it is not clear what exactly was being transported.

As a result, instead of an even column of Russian KAMAZs, a pile of damaged remnants was left on the Ukrainian road.

The author of the video suggests everyone to look at what awaits the so-called "Russian world": "The destination - the terminal point. There is nowhere else to go".

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