21 April 2024, Sunday, 5:46
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Armed Forces Of Ukraine Smash Kadyrovites’ Unit Near Skadovsk

Armed Forces Of Ukraine Smash Kadyrovites’ Unit Near Skadovsk

Ukrainian artillery struck at the bases of the invaders on the left bank of the Dnieper.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to inflict precise strikes on enemy targets and positions on the left bank of the Kherson region. The media report on evening, night and morning “Big Bangs” in the Skadovsk area, near Oleshki, and in Hornostayivka.

Local residents in Skadovsk have been hearing about the explosions that have been heard since the morning of November 29, Kherson Telegram channels inform. It is reported that at the same time, an air raid siren went off in the regional center, although the alarm was not officially announced. Residents are being urged to be careful.

At the same time, according to the press secretary of the Odesa regional military administration Serhiy Bratchuk, there was a “Big Bang” in the Skadovsk area on the night of November 28-29. The blow was struck at the base of Kadyrov's “Tik Tok troops”, with significant losses in the form of “cargoes 200” and “cargoes 300” for the latter.

As noted by the veteran cyborg, lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and author of the Zhmurinformburo channel Kirylo Nedrya, on the evening of November 28 it was also noisy in the Oleshki area, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the position of enemy artillerymen who were “working” towards Kherson. In addition, they covered a group of “mobilized freshmen” in the trenches in Hornostayivka.

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