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'Murdering Makei Was More Sophisticated Form Of Attempted Assassination Of Lukashenka'

'Murdering Makei Was More Sophisticated Form Of Attempted Assassination Of Lukashenka'

It may end up with serious political consequences.

Political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky in the program "Fleece. War" on "Apostrof TV" commented on the mysterious death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei against the backdrop of the information from analysts of the Robert Lansing Institute that the Kremlin is preparing to liquidate Lukashenka:

- The American Institute's warning that an attempted assassination of Lukashenka was being prepared had been made before Makei died. So - the assassination of Makei was a more sophisticated form of an attempted assassination of Lukashenka than his direct liquidation.

Lukashenka's window to the West was knocked out, Makei was in charge of the western vector. Recently, which, by the way, irritated Russian propagandists even more, he started to be responsible for the Chinese vector as well. Lukashenka wanted Xi to make the same statement as he did with respect to Kazakhstan stating that China firmly supports the territorial integrity of Kazakhstan. Lukashenka wanted the same statement on Belarus, which annoyed Putin.

That is, Lukashenka is now virtually deprived of all foreign relations, he remains a complete hostage of Putin and now he does not even have to be killed. However, everything Putin is doing is counter-productive. OK, even if he gets Lukashenka to attack Ukraine, the Belarusian soldiers will turn that weapon against them. Putin has gained complete power in Belarus. For 30 years Lukashenka resisted first Yeltsin and then Putin, he resisted direct involvement in the war with Ukraine for six months, and now that's it, Putin has defeated him. But what will Vladimir do next with this? All his victories end up with dire political consequences.

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