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What Lukashenka's Suffering From?

What Lukashenka's Suffering From?

He got a whole bunch of diseases.

Telegram channels are fueling rumours about Lukashenka's serious health problems. Also, the dictator does not give the impression of a healthy person. But the bigger news was Lukashenka’s arrival in Yerevan, he was barely shuffling his feet.

For a long time, the health of Aliaksandr Lukashenka has been a real secret for Belarusian society, except for a few news stories. The loudest story happened after the 2016 presidential election: then anonymous sources reported that the dictator had a stroke.

Interest in the health of the usurper is directly related to state interests. According to Article 11 of the law "On the President of the Republic of Belarus", Aliaksandr Lukashenka can be "early dismissed from office in case of persistent inability to perform duties for health reasons".

Many resources claim that Lukashenka has a whole bunch of diseases which become more and more apparent with age.


Lukashenka has long been credited with this disease. There's talk that the ruler has an advanced form of the disease. Some have referred to swollen feet, saying that one of the family photos showed ulcers on the dictator's shin and even a toe amputated on his right foot. Some then suggested that Lukashenka had 3 degrees of diabetes with severe complications.

Prostate cancer

The EUobserver news publisher wrote about Lukashenka's prostate cancer. “In February 2010, Aliaksandr Lukashenka was in Switzerland undergoing prostate surgery, a senior diplomat in the European Union told EUobserver.com,” the newspaper wrote.

Political scientist Dzmitry Balkunets once said that Lukashenka was forming a commission to take care of his own funeral, which had already been painted on minutes. Thus, Minsk decided to follow the example of the late USSR, where the general secretaries decided “where to bury themselves” and Lukashenka has been treating a sick prostate for fifteen years, despite having the surgery in Europe back in 2010.


Russian political scientist Valery Solovey, citing sources, stated that once doctors managed to save Lukashenka after a stroke. Doctors saved the life of the ruler, who had already suffered a series of micro strokes that damaged the dictator's facial expressions. Prior to this, Solovey stated that Chinese doctors saved Lukashenka, and the dictator had even more strokes.


During the examination for appointment to the post of chairman of the collective farm, Lukashenka was diagnosed with "mosaic psychopathia" [mixed personality disorder - Ed.], and in 1978 the head of the Mogilev regional food trade organization, where the future ruler worked as the secretary of the Komsomol, sent the Lukashenka for re-examination "due to inappropriate behaviour". With this diagnosis, Lukashenka was dismissed from the army.


In the summer of 2020, during a speech, Lukashenka apologized for his voice and said that he had suffered from covid. Then he told the soldiers that he "managed on his feet" to cope with the virus.

However, before his statement, at one of the meetings, a catheter was seen on the ruler’s arm, suspecting that he still faced the serious consequences of the virus. A bandage tied around the dictator's wrist got into the footage.

On January 11, Lukashenka spoke in a hoarse voice about recontamination with the coronavirus. The voice of the dictator has not returned to the previous range so far.

Problems with joints

At the end of the summer, footage of Lukashenka's press conference appeared on the Web. Many drew attention to the usurper's walk: a number of media outlets considered it rather strange.

Also, the video repeatedly showed that the dictator was barely shuffling his feet, stepping off his plane.

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