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Classic Trap: AFU Lure Russian Army Near Bakhmut

Classic Trap: AFU Lure Russian Army Near Bakhmut

The outcome may come as a surprise to the occupiers.

For half a year now, the Russian occupation army, suffering heavy losses, has been trying to break through the front on the Bakhmut direction. The Russians are wasting their firepower and manpower there.

Russian historian Dmitry Chernyshevsky spoke about this on his YouTube video blog.

He stressed that the Bakhmut direction has no serious perspective. Even if Russian troops take this town, which is being destroyed by a rampart of fire, there is a stalemate ahead.

"The battle for Bakhmut is a classic trap. It is absolutely pointless. But they have been beating their heads against this Bakhmut for six months now, and for the last two months there have been continuous assaults. They are fighting according to the principle: "We'll take it anyway!" - So they'll take it. And then Kramatorsk. And you still need to get there. And there, too, it is encircled with powerful fortifications since 2014. They will be breaking through Kramatorsk for another year, and they won't do it," Chernyshevsky said.

He clarified that it is near Bakhmut where the Russian army is killing off its offensive potential.

"Capturing Bakhmut doesn't solve anything. It plays into the hands of the Ukrainian command that Russia has fallen into this trap, has decided to stand on principle. They have again lured the Russian army into battle on their own terms where success cannot be developed. Even if they occupy the ruins of Bakhmut, this will achieve nothing, just as the capture of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk did not. Ukraine now intends to liberate these towns by bypassing them from the north rather than across the river. The same will happen to Bakhmut," the Russian historian said.

And while the Russian army is making every effort to storm Bakhmut, the AFU is preparing a major counter-offensive. And the Russian army will most likely not be able to hold it back, as its forces will be exhausted by then.

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